The Office

Psychotherapy Atlanta Office
Psychotherapy Atlanta Entrance

Suite 250

The office of Whole Embodied Psychotherapy is located within the office suite of Chattahoochee Counseling Center and Associates

Please enjoy coffee or tea while you wait

Please enjoy coffee or tea while you wait

The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area

  • Parking:

    • There is visitor parking located on the interior rows of the parking lot, the spots closest to the building

    • There are numerous accessible parking spots, including van accessible spots, located in the end row (on the far side of the parking lot farthest from Powers Ferry Rd)

  • Accessibility:

    • The building is ADA-compliant with wheelchair ramps and elevators to access the office

    • The office is located on the second floor, accessible by elevator or by stairways (on either side of the elevators)

    • The waiting room is open and equipped with numerous wide, non-armed chairs

  • Restrooms:

    • There are multi-stall gendered bathrooms located on each floor (on the far side of the elevators)

    • There is a wheelchair accessible stall (end stall) and another stall with a toilet seat riser (3rd stall from the entrance)

    • Unfortunately, the building does not have a single-stall or gender-neutral bathroom option. We recognize this is problematic & apologize for not having this option on-site.

If you have any specific needs or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.  We believe all bodies are good bodies and seek for our office to be as inclusive and accessible, as possible, and will do what we can to create space for you and your body in our office.