Exchanging diets for body respect

No one likes to be manipulated. Bodies don’t like it either. When we try to manipulate our bodies to be a size/ shape/ weight that they’re not genetically intended to be- bodies get defensive. They resist. And biology wins out over the diet nearly every single time.

Eating Disorder Recovery Body Respect

Did you know the fail rate for diets is 95-97%? Yup- at the 3-5 year mark, 95-97% of people have gained back most or all the weight, and many have actually gained weight. The most predictable consequence of dieting is actually weight gain (but the diet commercials never tell you that, do they?) So please know- if you’ve been on every day, from the fad diets to “lifestyle changes,” if it’s restricting carbs or counting macros, following a “food and exercise plan”…if it’s about trying to change your body, it’s a diet. So many try time and again to lose weight, and they feel like they failed. They can’t stick to the diet plan, they are “emotionally eating,” they find themselves binge eating, or food is all they can think about and it’s taking over their life. Please know this is not a lack of “willpower,” truly it’s not your fault. The diets have failed- not you!

What if instead of fighting your body- of starting another diet to try and change your body, you decided to respect the body you have today? Here’s the thing: you don’t have to love everything about it. You don’t even have to like your body’s appearance. You can have all the feelings, you can be uncomfortable AND still choose to respect your body.

Body respect is accepting that this is the body you have today. It’s choosing to take care of it, not punish it. Body respect is choosing to nourish your body adequately- not restricting quantity or variety of foods. It’s moving your body in ways that feel good- not exercising to punish or change your body. It’s resting when you’re tired. It’s choosing clothes that fit your body.

And if this feels really overwhelming- if you’ve struggled with body image or anxiety around food for a long time, or it occupies a large amount of space in your mind, you may need help to make these changes. Eating disorders/ disordered eating or body image concerns can be really ingrained and difficult to manage alone. It’s okay to need help.

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